Westboro Infill

Project Westboro

Highlights include: (Westboro infill project; master bathroom, closet, kids bath, staircase, entrance, kitchen & wine cellar)  
The client’s dream was to create a modern and warm home that is easy to clean. Their top priorities were the kitchen, bath & closet designs, especially the closet! With high ceilings throughout, West of Main decided to accentuate the vertical lines and play with the change in colour as daily light moves across the home. The effect is most noticeable in the kitchen whereby flanking the stove with two vertical backsplash bands of tile, it appears to be a different tile throughout the day.
Since cleanliness was a major factor in making finish selections the team decided to run the same quartz counter up the back of the stove wall, making it a breeze to wipe away any mess from cooking family dinners.  It wouldn’t be a West of Main design if there wasn’t some reference to travel and nature, which brings us to the children's  bathroom design - just step into this room and it definitely feels like being on vacation. Inspired by the colour palette of an abalone shell, the bathroom finishes bounce a rainbow of light throughout the space. An added detail that plays on the galley style bathroom is the effervescent glass tile inlay that spans the room from start to finish. Modern, warm and easy to clean - West of Main, where we do make dreams come true!  

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