Ottawa condo kitchen design
Kitchen counter with wine bottle
Flat lay view of counter with wine box and floral arrangement
Kitchen with focus on island
Kitchen island, chairs and chandeliers.
Ottawa condo ensuite bathroom design
Riverside Condo colourful shower designOttawa colourful shower design
Riverside condo bathroom vanity design


Project Riverside Condo

Highlights include: (kitchen + master ensuite)

 The client wished to create a more elegant and functional kitchen space for their family without wasting their existing cabinetry. West of Main was able to accomplish this by perceptively reorganizing the spacial layout and reusing cabinetry to create an 8’ island. Sascha’s eye for complementary tones paired the rich wood of their existing cabinets with a taupe-greige ‘Shaker-style’ door to create a focal point within the bar area.

Additionally, the space was modernized with a waterfall quartz counter, by Cambria, which has droplets of silver that sparkle alongside the modern, pear-shaped crystal pendants.

The kitchen’s backsplash is composed of classic art glass that pulls together warm oyster and metallic tones that shimmer, making the design exquisitely modern.

Inspired by the colour palette of black sand beaches and turquoise seas that decorate New Zealand’s South Shore, West of Main designed an ensuite that brings deep and light tones together. Tiles inspired by the ancient story of the hourglass span across the façade of the shower wall. Above the vanity, hand-blown Italian glass tiles enrich the space with their deep tones that contrast the calming colour palette of limestone floors. To complete the room, Sascha selected water-inspired prints from Sarah Hunter to evoke a sophisticated beach look.