eQ Homes Design Studio

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Commercial Design studio. Various faucets for bathroom sink and shower.

Highlights include: (Reception Area, Kitchen Vignette, Tile, Quartz and Cabinetry Displays, Fixture Displays, Bathroom Vignettes, Design Pods)

The EQ Design Studio was designed to be light and bright, calling attention to the finish and fixture options available to new homeowners, and to be warm and intimate with a residential vibe that is organic and on-trend. 



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 White commercial kitchen with wooden stools.

Highlights include: (Sales centre, office, kitchen, bathroom)

For this project, we teamed up with Greatwise Developments to design their Fresh Towns Sales Centre and their condo finish packages. The condo’s were aimed at contemporary urban living - rooftop towns with an outdoor rooftop terrace. West of Main designed four packages for potential clients to choose from. The styles included midcentury, shades of grey, classic contemporary, and modern elegance. We carefully selected different features, finishes, and colour schemes for each package which would attract a broad range of clients.



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Urbandale Construction entrance-way.

Highlights include: (front desk, bathroom, lounge seating, offices & coffee/water station)

The Design is a reflection of Urbandale's philosophy: "There is Comfort in Higher Standards." West of Main's team selected timeless finishes to create an environment that exudes sophistication and warmth. The goal was to design a space that allowed new home buyers to explore Urbandale's communities and the opportunity of buying a home. 



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Urbandale Construction Allora Condo Roma Living and Dining room
Highlights include: (kitchen, living & dining room, den, bedrooms & bathrooms)

West of Main assisted Urbandale Construction with the designs for both the Allora Roma and Napoli model condos from top to bottom. All the selections were specified to create the 3D virtual tours.The Roma evokes a classic appeal with modern sensibilities. The vibrant colours in the artwork pop against the light walls and deep rich tones of the flooring and millwork. The selected finishes are timeless and elegant providing a sophisticated and comfortable space to relax or entertain.



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Soloway Wright Law Firm Conference Room Art

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