eQ Homes Design Studio

EQ Homes Design Studio. Reception Desk and EntrywayEQ Homes Design Studio seating area with couches and chairseQ Homes Design Studio waiting room.

eQ Homes Design Studio waiting room with sofa and chairs.Sales Centre Interior Design - Flatlay view with book and rug eQ Homes Design Studio kitchen and texture samples.

eQ Homes Design Studio kitchen model.

eQ Homes Design Studio kitchen model. Focus on island.

eQ Homes Design Studio kitchen and sample wood and tile textures.
eQ Homes Design Studio design samples.
eQ Home Design Studio bathroom model. Shower, bathtub and toilet.
eQ Home Design Studio bathroom sink models.
eQ Home Design Studio bathroom sink models.
eQ Home Design Studio bath and shower models.
eQ Home Design Studio bathroom faucet and tap models.
eQ Home Design Studio consulting room. Desk and chairs.
eQ Home Design Studio overlook on kitchen model.
eQ Home Design Studio kitchen model focus on island.

eQ Homes Design Studio 

Highlights Include: Reception Area, Kitchen Vignette, Tile, Quartz and Cabinetry Displays, Fixture Displays, Bathroom Vignettes, Design Pods

The EQ Design Studio was designed to be light and bright, calling attention to the finish and fixture options available to new homeowners, and to be warm and intimate with a residential vibe that is organic and on-trend. With light wood LVT floors and white walls and ceilings, the Design Studio is a canvas for all the unique and custom features EQ Homes provides to its clients. Throughout the space, kitchen and bathroom vignettes and sleek finish displays inspire and excite new home buyers with the custom opportunities available.

Reception Area

The layout of the Design Centre was designed with the user experience in mind. From first entrance, the reception area evokes a living room which immediately creates a feeling of ease and the comfort being in a home. An area rug grounds a leather sofa, lounge chairs and bunching coffee tables all complete with decor accents and coffee table books. A modern fireplace design features a matte granite hearth that extends to serve as a bench, and custom floating shelves in light oak built by Deslaurier Custom Cabinetry.

The reception desk was designed with an ebony wood base and a hand-selected butternut wood countertop from the Woodsource. The butternut slab’s live edge brings a unique, organic texture into the clean and polished space. Behind the desk is a black wall, illuminated with spotlights and LED strip lighting, that showcases EQ Homes’ logo.

Kitchen Vignette

Three kitchen vignettes were designed for the Design Studio. Each feature a different style and showcase different custom elements. The largest kitchen is visible from the reception area and is a modern spin on the classic kitchen. Shaker cabinetry is two-toned with ebony lower cabinets and white upper and pantry cabinets. The custom range hood is finished with an ebony band and framed out with floating shelves on either side. The countertop is a matte black granite with a honed finish and chiseled edge. This is juxtaposed with the polished marble chevron backsplash. The furniture and decor bring in mixed metals, leather, natural woods and a slight rustic feel.

Tile, Quartz and Cabinetry Displays

The finish displays throughout the space were designed to be minimal and streamlined bringing all the attention to the finishes themselves. The tiles available to homeowners are mounted on boards which fit into custom designed slats that are recessed into the wall with pot light illumination. The quartz is cut into 12” circular samples that hang on the wall with an easy clip-on-clip-off system so they can be interchanged or brought down at anytime. The round samples are framed by a drywall cove and strip LED lighting. The cabinetry finish displays are made from walnut and feature a custom slat system, again with pot light illumination.

Fixture Displays

Bathroom and kitchen fixtures are displayed on floating white shelves with hidden LED illumination. The square edge shelves provide organization for multiple finishes and collections. The shower and bath fixtures are displayed on panels that push open for extra storage and ease of changeability. The display mimics an art gallery, with each fixture being a work of art.

 Bathroom Vignettes

Multiple bathroom vignettes were designed to showcase different elements available in different styles and price points. A custom glass shower is finished in black, elongated marble hex on the floor which extends to under the freestanding tub. Adding a touch of bling to the space is a gilded chandelier over the tub. Other bathroom vignettes include a furniture style vanity with vessel sink as well as elegant mirrors and lighting from WOM Shoppe.

Design Pods

Once new home owners have completed finish and furniture selections in the main design area, the design pods offer a quiet and private place to discuss financials and make final decisions. These pods seat 3-4 people and feature custom light oak cabinetry and white floating shelves to display final finish selections.