Urbandale Construction Experience Centre

Urbandale sales center reception

Urbandale sales center gallery

Urbandale sales center shelf with plant, wood art and painting.

Urbandale Construction Experience Centre Cactus

Urbandale Construction Experience Centre Office

Urbandale Sales Centre desk, chair and office art.

Urbandale Sales Centre reception area

Urbandale Construction Experience Centre Lounge Seating Design

Urbandale Construction Experience Centre Coffee and Water Station

Urbandale Construction Experience Centre Coffee and Water Station

Urbandale sales centre bathroom focus on sink and mirror.

Sales Centre Design Ottawa

Sales Centre Design Ottawa


Project Riverside South Experience Centre

Highlights include: (front desk, bathroom, lounge seating, offices & coffee/water station)

The Design is a reflection of Urbandale's philosophy: "There is Comfort in Higher Standards." West of Main's team selected timeless finishes to create an environment that exudes sophistication and warmth. The goal was to design a space that allowed new home buyers to explore Urbandale's communities and the opportunity of buying a home. The state of the art technology utilized in the Experience Centre allows new home buyers to explore everything Urbandale Construction has to offer at the touch of their fingertip. The new space facilitates nurturing relationships with homebuyers and contributes to the positive experience Urbandale offers its clients. 

Playing on a monochromatic finish palette allowed West of Main to incorporate an array of textures and materials such as marble, wood, concrete, metal and lacquered millwork, among others. It was a priority that the finishes not over-power the media but instead complement and support it.

There are many focal features within the design, including the front desk which was designed using asymmetrical lines to highlight the thin marble application and the high contrast of the black lacquered millwork. 

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