Soloway Wright Law Firm Office Design

Project Soloway Wright Law Firm

Highlights include: (reception, waiting area, conference room, hall, coffee/water station, universal bathroom, signing offices)   

West of Main consulted with the Soloway Wright Law Firm about how to accentuate the existing beauty of their space designed by Principal Bryan H. Wiens of LWG Architectural Interiors. To accomplish this we sourced the art, greenery, sculptures and varied accessories and then presented options along with a rationale for our preferences.

"Art is subjective" is a common phrase, but what does it actually mean? Each person’s reaction to art is based on, and influenced by, personal feelings, tastes, opinions and prior experience. SW’s project challenged WOM to manage the expectations and preferences of a diverse group of the firm's partners. The WOM team strived to source local artists and works that could resonate with the SW partners as well as breathe life into the modern atmosphere. By adding pops of colour and references to both cityscapes and natural landscapes we were able to reflect our shared appreciation for modern and natural environments.

Scale and proportion played a large factor in selecting the appropriate pieces for each space. The conference room is adorned with a Gordon Harrison piece of the Champlain lookout. Gordon's work is especially beloved by the partners who often bike the Gatineau trails and enjoy the colourful lookout during Ottawa's fall season.

Other pieces of art are sourced from varied local galleries, including: Cube Gallery, Koyman Art Gallery, Wall Space Gallery, Gordon Harrison Canadian Landscape Gallery and  Sarah Alex Mullen.

Those working in offices often want lush greenery but the spaces may have inadequate lighting or no staff to maintain live plants.The artificial greenery WOM chose for SW is very low maintenance, yet draws the mind to the calmness that natural greenery elicits.

The sculpture outside of the conference room is a powerful symbol of solidarity and continual collaboration, a true reflection of the core values of SW.

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