Click to see more of The Greystone Village3D Render Interior design of condo living room with seating arrangement

Highlights include: (kitchen, living & dining room, bedrooms & bathrooms)
West of Main assisted eQ Homes with the designs for both Unit 16 and Unit 19 model condos from their Greystone Village community. All the furniture and material selections were specified to create the 3D virtual tours. The client wanted both units to look different, but to appeal to their vast clientele and ensure that the condo’s layout is highlighted.



3D render of apartment building renovation showcasing exterior finishes

Highlights include: (Exterior views, finish selections, landscaping)

West of Main was part of the team whose mission was to re-envision and re-purpose an existing office building in the Glebe. Built in the '50s and attached to a high-rise residential building, the developer's intent was to convert the space into apartments with interior and exterior amenity space. 



Click here to see more of The Allora Condos3D render of condo interior design with large sofa sectional

Highlights includes (kitchen, living & dining room, den, bedrooms & bathrooms)
Living Room Artwork in The Roma model by Sheila Davis

West of Main assisted Urbandale Construction with the designs for both the Allora Roma and Napoli model condos from top to bottom. All the selections were specified to create the 3D virtual tours. The Roma evokes a classic appeal with modern sensibilities. The vibrant colours in the artwork pop against the light walls and deep rich tones of the flooring and millwork. The selected finishes are timeless and elegant providing a sophisticated and comfortable space to relax or entertain.