Glebe Apartment Refacing

Highlights include: (Exterior views, finish selections, landscaping)

West of Main was part of the team whose mission was to re-envision and re-purpose an existing office building in the Glebe. Built in the '50s and attached to a high-rise residential building, the developer's intent was to convert the space into apartments with interior and exterior amenity space.

West of Main created a design concept and 3D renders for the exterior façade that fit within the existing architectural context of the neighborhood and respected the natural elements that surrounded it. We ensured that the original modernist elements of the building were not lost with the new façade design. Simple black cladding, natural wood screen elements, and new lighting were part of the facade concept as well as modifying the window locations and sizes.

We created a sidewalk along the front of the building that linked to the new outdoor amenity space. Custom screens were designed to give the units privacy while maintaining daylight and natural airflow for the parking area. A custom pergola coming off the building provides a shaded space for bbq's and softens the large view of the building for the neighboring homes downhill.

Exterior 3d rendered view of new apartment building design

Exterior 3D rendered view of apartment building design