eQ Homes - Rosewood Condo

  Rosewood Condo entrance. Console table, lamp, stool and mirror.

Rosewood condo focus on bed.

Rosewood condo bedroom. Bed foot, paintings and window.

Rosewood condo living room focus on bookshelf and window.

Rosewood condo living room focus on sofa.

Rosewood Condo kitchen.
Rosewood Condo kitchen and living room.
Rosewood Condo dinning room.
Rosewood Condo dining and living room.
Rosewood condo living room diagonal view.
Rosewood condo living room frontal view.
Rosewood condo bedroom. Bed, side table, dresser and window.
Rosewood condo bed, dresser and hallway.
Rosewood condo bedroom. Bed and side table.
Rosewood condo bedroom. Bed, dresser, and window.
Rosewood condo bathroom. Sink, and shower box.
Rosewood condo bathroom. Sink, toilet and bathtub.
Rosewood condo bathroom sink and floral wallpaper.
Rosewood condo patio. Table and chairs.


Highlights Include: Guest Bedroom, Main Bathroom, Den, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Ensuite


West of Main worked with EQ Homes to design, furnish and style this fresh model home, which was recently nominated for a national award! From designing custom millwork with Deslaurier Cabinets, to selecting all interior finishes, lighting, furniture and decor pieces, West of Main designed a warm and comfortable home that is a youthful and cultured take on the classic farmhouse style. All design decisions were thoughtfully and intentionally made to create a layered home with a warm and desirable atmosphere.

The home has large windows facing the forest and creek; we wanted to bring these natural elements into the home to create a strong connection between the environment, the home, and the homebuyer. Greenery throughout the space was important, as well as layering in rugs, pillows and textiles with natural tones. Both the den and living room feature natural linen sofas in a neutral, oatmeal tone and are accented with patterned area rugs and natural wood side tables. Classic shaker cabinetry is paired with “X” details in the glasswork and repeated on the island and in the custom cabinetry in the den.

Many clientele looking to purchase this home may be retired and be looking to downsize to this quiet community that is surrounded with nature and with direct access to walking trails.  We took this into consideration when merchandising the model home. We placed several finishing touches throughout the space, such as knitting needles and yarn, hiking boots and jackets, the table set for entertaining, fluffy towels for guests, a bedroom designed for grandchildrens’ visits, vintage tea cups, and a curated book collection, that evoke a retired lifestyle. It's all in the details! This was done in a tasteful and youthful way so that homebuyers of any age and stage would fall in love with the home.