eQ Homes - Alder Condo

Highlights Include:(Reception Area, Kitchen Vignette, Tile, Quartz and Cabinetry Displays, Fixture Displays, Bathroom Vignettes, Design Pods)

West of Main partnered with eQ Homes to design, furnish and style this model home. From selecting all interior finishes to supplying lighting, furniture and decor pieces, West of Main designed a bright and welcoming home that is an eclectic take on the mid-century modern style. All design decisions were thoughtfully and intentionally made to create a layered home with a warm and desirable atmosphere.

This home has ample natural light coming in through the windows. We decided to keep the walls white, maintaining the overall light and airy feeling. Grounding the space is a cognac leather sofa, walnut accent furniture and a woven, geometric rug. Brushed brass throughout the space brings a warm, feminine touch and pairs perfectly with the predominantly neutral tones. The artwork we used highlights an active lifestyle and brings a youthful sense of fun to the space. In the master bedroom we’ve brought in some subtle colour through the seagrass wallpaper. This, alsong with the whimsical bed frame evokes a calm retreat which feels removed from the open space, but still connected through the repeating brass finish.

With many potential clientele being retired, this home highlights the ease of downsizing and showcases unique decor pieces from a well-traveled life. Photography throughout the space evokes a strong sense of family and passion for hobbies and nature, bringing a homey feeling to the space. The office’s yellow, patterned wallpaper is bright and cheery, offering a fun space for both focused work and naps in the sun. A personalized inspiration board features photography, travel, and magazine clippings showcasing the freedom of a smaller space with no yard maintenance and smart home capabilities one can monitor from around the globe.