consumer choice award - interior design category west of main

We are so excited to share that we have brought home another @consumerchoiceaward this year, making this the second consecutive year that West of Main Design has been the winner in the Interior Designer category! 

A little about the Consumer Choice Awards

The Consumer Choice Awards were established to recognize excellence in small and medium sized businesses across Canada. They are unique in that winners are not chosen through a panel of judges, but rather through the feedback of consumers. Ultimately, they provide the consumer with a solid representation of consumer satisfaction with services and products provided through these small and medium businesses. 

What winning means to us

Consumer Choice Awards are incredibly meaningful to us as it is a recognition awarded through a process that is directly driven by the feedback from our clients and colleagues, meaning it recognizes the support and confidence of the consumer and the design community itself.
More than that, the Consumer Choice Awards are passionate about helping the winners tell their stories, advertise their success and promote their brand. Winning a Consumer Choice Award provides a reference point for consumers in their search for the optimal provider for the services they desire. There’s no other award in North America that measures the opinions of consumers to the same extent, and for this we are incredibly honoured. 
Check out the Consumer Choice Awards website and Instagram to learn more!