Consumer Choice Award Winner - Interior Design Category.

Consumer Choice Awards Interior Designer

If you’ve been keeping up with us on Instagram, you may have seen that we’ve won a Consumers Choice Award in the Interior Design Category! We are honoured to carry this title and want to share what we have learned about the Consumer Choice Awards and why they are important to us and our community!
The Consumer Choice Awards were established to recognize excellence in small and medium sized businesses across Canada. They are unique, in that winners are not chosen through a panel of judges, but rather through the feedback of consumers. Ultimately, they provide the consumer with a solid representation of consumer satisfaction with services and products provided through these small and medium businesses. More than that, the Consumer Choice Awards are passionate about helping the winners tell their story, advertise their success and promote their brand.
To have won an award through a process that is directly driven by the feedback from our clients and colleagues means recognition of the support and confidence of the consumer and the design community itself. We strive to create a design that meets not only the demands of our clients, but that elevates the impact and future of our design community. We expect our clients to receive the best of the best from the beginning to beyond the end of their project. To be recognized as providing, and delivering upon that expectation, is what we strive to do with every interaction that we have with our clients and community. We are extremely proud of our work, its recognition, and the opportunity to continue to strive for excellence.
Check out the Consumer Choice Awards website and Instagram to learn more!