Barrhaven Towhouse retrofit kitchen with stools and counter

Barrhaven Townhome Kitchen counter and stove.

Barrhaven Townhome Kitchen counter, juicer and vegetables.

Retro townhouse kitchen stove and counter.

Flat lay view of kitchen counter with recipe book and, fruits and vegetables

Kitchen table with glass of orange juice, scones, and floral arrangement.

Retro kitchen counter and stove

Retro kitchen counter and sink.

Retro condo bathroom sink.

Project Barrhaven Townhouse 

Highlights include: (kitchen, dining room, powder room, living room)

This design embodies the client’s love of adventure and natural sensibilities. To bring the outdoors in, West of Main selected a variety of wood and wood imitation finishes for the bar facade, the backsplash and the furnishings. The various textures add dimension and visual interest. Playing on recent trends in the design world, such as gold accents, West of Main was able to fuse rustic and chic styles. Mindful of the budget and the reality of the space in this townhome, we utilized the existing cabinetry boxes as well as the structural, plumbing and electrical locations.

This project is a perfect example to showcase the fact that you do not have to change the layout nor replace all of the pre-existing elements to give your kitchen a dramatic new look.