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Welcome to West of Main. What started as an Interior Design firm, has now evolved into a lifestyle brand that we want to share with the world. We draw inspiration from the life that surrounds us. It’s in the places we travel to, the cultures we experience, and the artistry that surrounds us daily. Building on our passion for Interior Design, we are expanding our services. This includes Interior Design & Decor related speaking engagements and appearances at events, shows, conferences and sales and design centres. Also blog and article collaborations, and event and promotion participation. West of Main aspires to embody and express a collection of values and culture, creating a lifestyle by design.


Topics Include:

FURNITURE LAYOUTS - Need a bit of help trying to maximize your space and perfect your furniture layout? We've got you covered!

COLOUR PACKAGES - We can provide direction through moodboards that showcase different styles and an assortment of colour packages.

TIPS & TRICKS - We will share the tips, tricks, and behind the scenes moments that go into our designs and how they can be applied to create your dream home.

CUSTOM TOPIC - Choose any interior design or decor subject and we can create a presentation or speech as necessary. 

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We would love to hear from you! Simply fill in the form below or send your e-mails to: hello@westofmaindesign.com
Looking forward to hearing about what inspired you or any questions you may have!





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