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Sascha Lafleur’s headshot

Sascha has had a passion for design for as long as she can remember. There’s no denying that this is attributed to the amount of creative influences...


she has been surrounded with in her immediate family. Woodworkers, builders, artists, fashionistas; there has been no shortage of creative energy surrounding Sascha since she was a wee tot.She’s a modern day hippie, with a love for beautiful, natural spaces which was fostered by her family’s deep appreciation for the unmatched beauty and tranquility of nature.

Sascha draws inspiration from her travels around the world. Paralleled with her love for design is her passion for travel- hearing the stories and connections behind the artistry is truly what soothes her soul.

Sascha is imaginative, intuitive and adventurous… “I mean how can you know what you haven’t been exposed to yet?. As West of Main’s co-founder, she curates elements that are both on-trend and functional. Above all, she is committed to designing spaces that are more than a valued addition to her clients’ varied lifestyles, businesses and environments, but spaces that are a true reflection of who they are, where they’ve been and where they are going.

If you have worked with Sascha you know two things; no matter the style of her design, she’ll add ‘chic’ to the title, and if you could bottle up her laughter, it would be the Shoppe’s best selling item.


Justin Thomason´s headshot
Director of Business Development

Justin Thomason is the co-founder of West of Main. When he isn't kayaking Ottawa's...


white waters or making the team gin & tonics on Fridays, Justin is hard at work behind the scenes. Born and raised in Aotearoa (New Zealand), Justin moved to Ottawa a few years ago after meeting a special someone while traveling Europe (hint* it’s Sascha). Though design is a new expedition for Justin, he is comfortable with new challenges. His aptitude for business and devotion to customer service stem from his wide range background with experiences such as a crane operator or guide in adventure tourism to name a few. (Though an argument can be made that a renovation site can be as wild as the jungles of Honduras!) Find Justin a problem and he’ll find you a solution.

With his outside of the box thinking and one step ahead strategy, Justin is the driving force at West of Main. He challenges the staff to reach their full potential, but nobody sets the bar higher for themselves than he. His dedication to achieving the best possible outcome is admirable. He’s the type to wake up at the crack of dawn to capture the perfect sunrise; a testament to his commitment to going above and beyond to obtain the perfect outcome, no matter the task.

He has a passion for photography, travel and culture and is always eager to educate himself on anything (and everything) he can. #KnowledgeIsPower


Nicole Veenema´s headshot
Senior Designer, BA ID, NCIDQ, ARIDO

Despite being an Ottawa native, Nicole has never quite come to terms with the cold. This, paired with her love for travel,...


sparked a passion for globally inspired interiors. After over 8 years of designing mainly corporate offices, her design career expanded to the world of boutique hospitality and residential interior design. Since jumping into West of Main, Nicole has fully embraced the many hats of a lead designer (and her commercial background has upped the office’s spreadsheet game). From concept to CAD to construction and decor, Nicole is driven by her desire to complete every aspect of the design process to perfection. She believes that the most beautiful spaces have that Gezellig (he-sell-ick) feeling and loves designing them almost as much as she loves chilling on an exotic beach or finding a deal...well, almost. When she’s not in the office, you’ll most likely find her chasing the sun on a patio, spinning, binging netflix, or dabbling in photography. Her artistic talents go beyond interiors and her braiding abilities give Rapunzel a run for her money - we’re still waiting for a youtube tutorial.
Josée Siguoin´s headshot

Josée is our resident Francophone, here at West of Main. Taking after her dad, she has always been creative and interested in...


interiors and home improvement (as such, her dad bought her a drill for her 17th birthday…wow, right?). This fascination became a passion and led to her completion of studies in Interior Design. Since then, she has worked in residential design both locally and internationally, having worked on numerous design projects in South America. Fast forward to over 8 years later, Josée joined the West of Main squad (#WOMSquad) where she feels inspired and proud to be part of the team. Her leadership and decision making skills and well as her honesty (she’ll tell you what you need hear) has contributed to her success as a designer. Josée prides herself on timeless and well organized designs (unlike her desk…) and her favourite part of the job is the great people she meets. When she’s off the clock, Josée can be found entertaining friends and family, relaxing over a glass of wine (or two), browsing the web for inspo, or her favorite: travelling to a new destination.
Alissa Jalbert-Caputo´s headshot

Alissa Jalbert-Caputo is from Sudbury, Ontario, and decided to relocate to Ottawa a few years back to pursue her education in interior design...


at Algonquin College. She has fallen in love with the industry and is eager to gain experience in the field. Her passion for design has grown into a lifelong fascination of finding balance between function and aesthetic. Alissa geeks out on the science and research behind the design of a space and fuels her creativity from the places she visits. Creating thoughtful spaces that excel productivity, livability and enrich our daily lives is at the forefront of each challenge she takes on. Along with interior design, Alissa also helps curate the content for West of Main's blog and social media. She is the self-proclaimed DJ at any gathering (her playlist includes Creed and Pearl Jam...shocker!) and she’ll laugh at all of your bad jokes. In her free time, she is probably out gallivanting the city, petting dogs, or on the hunt for the best pizza in town (don’t tell Nonna!)
Run Song´s headshot

Run’s love of architecture and design (...and food) is larger than life. Her idea of a perfect day would be in hibernation with a cup of coffee...


and a sappy Korean love drama (despite her name, anything but running). Her big heart and caring personality brightens everyone’s day. She is notorious for giggling to herself and the studio would feel empty without her infectious laugh! Since she was young, Run has had a creative artistry about her. After graduating from Algonquin College she dove into the design world where she gained more than 10 years of experience in commercial design and achieved her NCIDQ certification. With this valuable experience under her belt, she came to West of Main ready to take on new design experiences; ones that reflected more of herself and the lifestyle she hopes to have for years to come. Ontop of being a designer, she has juggled being a wife and a mother of two, and she is completely serious when she says she would do it all over again!
Anna´s headshot

Anna discovered her obsession for beautiful interiors at an early age while travelling Europe, tagging along with her mom...


to flea markets in Prince Edward County, and helping with many (at least 4) family home renovations. Raised in the small town of Brockville, Anna spent the last 5 years in Toronto, and graduated from OCAD University's Environmental Design program which got her foot in the design industry. Anna worked in various aspects of the design industry from residential renovations in downtown Toronto to retail pop up shops in Los Angeles. Although she loves the hustle of the big city, Anna is excited about calling Ottawa her new home and contributing to Ottawa's growing design community. Even though she is the youngest team member, she is quite the old soul! Her hip fashion attire, and taste in music are some her finest traits. She is the life of the office, determined, and uses her strong multi tasking skills to strengthen her abilities where possible. She LOVES a good latte, and is currently on the hunt for the best espresso in the city!
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