Experience Our True Full-Service Approach

Our firm specializes in true full-service interior design: a turn-key service best suited for large-scale projects that include home furnishing.

We oversee projects from start to finish, handling material and merchandise procurement, contractor facilitation, and quality control throughout.

This creates a hands-off client experience and allows you to focus on the enjoyable aspects of the home design process. With your trust, our team will bring dedication, passion, and care to your project to ensure your final space exceeds every expectation.

Our Specialties

New Build With Full Furnishing

We tap into our network of trusted collaborators, such as builders and architects, to design your home from the ground up with your lifestyle in mind. To complete your space, we furnish and style your home with a curated selection of high-quality pieces, incorporating any existing items you wish to keep. When it comes to the details, we truly handle it all – everything down to selecting and sourcing your bath towels and dinnerware if desired.

Remodel with Full Furnishing

As with new home builds, we facilitate with our preferred contractors to execute the custom designs we've prepared for your remodel. Our talented team includes complete furnishing and layered styling of your space to maximize its impact.

Home Furnishing

Whether you're furnishing your entire home or a portion of your home, our team can help bring new life to your existing space with a comprehensive furniture plan. We manage everything involved in furniture installation, including required electrical work, painting, wall coverings, etc.

Virtual Hourly Design Consulting

In a convenient 1:1 video consultation, one of our senior interior designers can help you work through focused design challenges. Come ready with your questions, space measurements, and inspiration to get the most out of your session!

Our Process

Discovery Phase

Let’s get to know each other! We’ll learn about what you’re trying to achieve with your home, your lifestyle, and what inspires you. You’ll learn about our process, what you can expect when working with our design team, and our pricing.

  1. Fill Out Design Survey
  2. Discovery Call
  3. In-Home Paid Consultation or Virtual Meeting
  4. Scope of Work Development + Design Fee Proposal

To begin step 3 of the Discovery Phase, an initial investment of $650 +HST is collected to ensure both parties are equally committed to the process before investing in further work.

Planning Phase

This crucial part of the project typically takes about 3-5 months depending on its size and complexity. During this phase we make all material and product selections, then produce and present a comprehensive design package. This package outlines all of the visual and technical design details and sets our team up for success once implementation begins.

  1. Concept Development & Presentation
  2. Design Package Development & Presentation
  3. Order & Purchasing

Implementation Phase

All our team’s hard work finally comes together in this final leg of the design process. We facilitate with project collaborators like builders, contractors, tradesmen, and more to execute our vision and plans. We deliver and install all of the furniture we’ve selected for your project and style your space to the nines in preparation for the final reveal.

  1. Construction
  2. Furniture Install
  3. Project Reveal to Client

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Communication was exceptional and I was in good hands every step of the way. The team is extremely talented and can uncover exactly what you envision. I didn’t change a thing from what they had suggested; the room is absolutely beautiful – better than I had hoped.”

Kelly Schad


Verified Customer

“I had been trying to put together rooms in my home for over a year...it just wasn’t working. I love West of Main’s decor aesthetic and was happy to find out they offer a Furniture and Decor Service! I decided to go for it and I’m so glad I did. Keira helped so much and kept all of my notes in mind when designing my space – even down to my dog’s fur colour (she sheds)! All of the items she sourced were fantastic and the portal they set up is so easy to use. It allows you to revisit the designs at any time with floor plans, renderings, etc! Thank you!”

Z. Van Wyck


Verified Customer


If our high-end interior design service sounds like what you need and you resonate with our layered, organic, and timeless style, please fill out our design survey here. If we feel we would be a good fit for your project, we will contact you to set up a 20-30 min Discovery Phone Call (free of charge) to discuss further!

Full-service projects typically have a minimum duration of 1 year from start to completion. New build projects can be up to 3 years from start to completion.

Straight away! If you are thinking about involving our team in your project, it's best to get us involved right off the bat. This way, we can help connect you with the dream team of collaborators (builders, architects, tradesmen etc) to start your project off on the right foot. We’re also full of knowledge and ideas that you may not have considered on your own and it can be burdensome and costly to go backwards or make changes once your ball is already rolling.

We will go anywhere you want us to! If there happens to be palm trees there, even better! We are Ottawa-based, but with the help of technology and great communication skills, we're able to work from a distance. We've serviced clients across Canada, including Toronto and Montreal, as well as in the USA &Y Europe. As part of our process, we travel to site at select project milestones, as well as for the furniture installation day.

We love incorporating our client’s existing pieces and heirlooms as they bring personality, soul, and emotion to a space. We will, however, be honest about whether or not the piece will pose limitations on the design, or simply won’t work.

Our design team collaborates with multiple skilled craftsmen, contractors, and tradespeople to produce the custom designs we create for our clients. There is a lot of design management and facilitation involved in achieving the result, which is a part of the value of working with our talented team.

Our team is highly collaborative, and each of our talented designers is involved in the success of each of our projects. Our team is composed of senior designers who each have 10+ years of experience in the industry, and are supported by intermediate and junior designers. At the onset of the project, you will meet with our Design Manager and one of our senior designers, whom you will also be communicating with for the duration of the project.

We encourage clients to find alternate lodging for the duration of the implementation phase as renovations are very disruptive to everyday life, especially for a family. During the discovery phase of the project, we can give you an idea of the length of time you would be away from the site so that this can be worked into your total investment value and so that you can begin to plan. Living in a renovation state does no favours to the sanity of everyone involved in the project!

We offer Virtual Hourly Design Consultation through the designated platform The Expert. Through the platform we offer 55-minute video consultations during which you can pick our brain about anything in regards to your project. If you would like more information in regards to this service, please fill out our design survey and our team can set up a discovery call to chat about how this service could meet your needs. If you are looking for help finding a few key pieces to refresh your home with furniture and decor, please contact our shoppe’s Furniture & Decor Service team here.

At West of Main, Full Service Interior Design has an associated design fee, which is a flat fee, tailored specifically to each project. The fee is determined when we develop the scope of work during the Discovery Phase.

Most likely, yes! This is how West of Main Shoppe, our furniture store was born, actually. If you see something that catches your eye please send a descriptive email to our team shoppe@westofmaindesign.com, including the image for reference and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

Our Work