HN Riverside South Project

Riverside South Project kitchen with island and stools.

Riverside South Project kitchen zoom in on island and counter.

Riverside South Project kitchen counter and cooktop.



Flat lay view of kitchen island. Magazine, vase and bottle.

Riverside South project Powder room with gold accents.

Riverside South Project bathroom shower and sinks.

Riverside South Project bathroom sinks.

Riverside South Project bathroom sinks and shower.


Riverside South project powder room sinks.

Riverside South project black tile bathroom sink.

Riverside South project black tile bathroom sink and toilet.

Riverside South project stair case.Riverside South project white bathroom, sink and toilet.

Riverside South project white bathroom bathtub.

Kitchen island with wine glasses, vase and cheese board.



HN Riverside South Project

Highlights include: (kitchen, master bathroom, main bath, powder room)

This project was a pure delight to collaborate on. Our client's stylistic sensibilities were on point! The environment is filled with rich textures, sleek materials, and gold accents! West of Main in collaboration with our client glamorized this HN Townhome. It is a true reflection of our clients love affair with high fashion elegant design, from the marble tile floors to the dramatic depth of the powder room walls, every direction you look has been thoughtfully designed. Repetitive textures and colour schemes allow the home to feel classy and chic rather than overly designed. Touches of nature like the charcoal stone sink with its rough live edges, soften and juxtapose the glam. A healthy layering of shiny and matte make the environment feel warm and homey.  All tiles were sourced from Euro Tile & Stone, all cabinetry from Deslaurier Custom Cabinetry.