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Contact us. Our process typically begins by having you fill out our brief survey in the link below. It will help us get to know more about you and your space/project.

Discovery Call. We would then set up a 10-20 min Discovery Phone Call (free of charge) with one of our Lead Designers to further discuss your project and answer any questions you may have. During this phone call, we will coordinate with you to set up a meeting at our Design Studio.

Studio Meeting. During this meeting (20 to 30 mins), we will further analyze your project requirements, design budget, discuss your wish list and feasibility. Most importantly, it allows both WOM and you to ensure we're the right fit for you and your project.

***Following the Studio Meeting, an initial deposit is payable prior to the On-site Meeting***.

On-site Meeting/Consultation. During this meeting, we will survey your space by taking photos and discuss initial concept feasibility.

The On-site meeting has a duration of approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

Note: In many cases, a trusted general contractor may be invited to attend this meeting.

Scope of Work/Design Estimate. We will send you details about your Design project, design schedule & timeline and the associated design fee for your consideration. A spreadsheet of allowances for each item you are looking to purchase is also sent if Decor/Furniture are part of your project.

Generally the Scope of Work and Design Estimate is sent 2 weeks after the On-site Meeting.

Note: A deposit for the estimate is taken before Phase 2 begins.

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Site Survey. Conduct a site Inspection to verify current site conditions, including measuring.

Concept & Schematics. Concept development & Schematics to confirm the project’s direction.

Concept Presentation. The client provides feedback to develop a clearer vision for the project. The Concept Presentation generally takes place 2-3 weeks after the contract is signed and your retainer payment is received.

Plans and design. Develop the drawing package and layouts.

Estimate. Following completion of the drawing package, you receive estimates from appropriate suppliers & your chosen tradespeople for client consideration and possible agreement between the client and the tradesperson/contractor. 

Presentation. WOM will present detailed drawings, mood-boards, finishes, furniture, fixtures, and design estimates.

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Online client portal.Following your presentation, WOM will provide you access to an online portal where you will have access to all your project specifications as well as images of the selected finishes, furnishings and fixtures.

Revision. The Estimate includes 1 revision/re-selection request to the plans, finish and design Item selections after our presentation. This revision/re-selection can take up to two weeks to source/amend. 

Design Administration. Attending a Job-Showing. Answering design questions from clients contractors.
Note: This service is geared towards Full-Service Commercial projects and larger Residential projects.

Order and purchase. Ordering & Purchasing the Finishes, Furniture & Fixtures noted in the summary to receive design trade discounts.

Periodic On-site walkthroughs.Quality is of the utmost importance for WOM. During the site walkthroughs we inspect the quality and execution of the designs as well as provide guidance should an issue arise. 

Load in, Placement. Inspect placement of design item selections when applicable.
Note: This service is geared towards Full Service furnishing projects

Styling. Styling and Accessorizing.
Note: This service is geared towards Full Service furnishing projects

Kitchen counter, cabinets and cooktop.DESIGN FEES

***A initial deposit of $450 + hst is due prior to the first On-site Meeting in Phase 1. Upon acceptance of the Design Estimate/Contract, this deposit is included in the overall scope of work***

Our design team is able to offer a four-tier rate schedule at Designer/Intermediate/Senior/Principal. The Design Fee is based off a combination of these rates to give you the highest quality possible and exceptional value.

West of Main strives to be as transparent as possible. During Phase 1 we will assess your design needs and draw up a detailed scope of work including the associated fees for our design services. Changes to the Scope of Work during the project will require an amendment and an adjustment in fees.


We have fostered relationships with a variety of amazing companies and other product suppliers within the city as well as online. As a Design Studio we have access to speciality furniture lines not available to the public. We extend great discounts to our clients if they choose to utilize our Order & Purchase design service. ****This helps to Reduce the overall cost of the Design Project.****



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