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A step by step guide to creating the best workspace in your home!


Before setting up your workspace you will want to take into consideration the proper ergonomics of a workstation. Picking the right chair and desk will allow you to work comfortably and efficiently.
Desk ergonomics

Key points:

  • The top of your thighs should be horizontal to the floor and your feet should be flat on the ground and relaxed.
  • Your arms are at a 90 degree angle and your wrists are flat.
  • Raise your “monitor” by putting it on a box, or a stack of books, to get that horizontal line of vision and to avoid having to look down. Then, if possible, plug in a separate mouse and keyboard to keep your neck and back straight while using your laptop.
  • Our pick: laptop stand 

Make the space yours - West of Main Designs tips & tricks 

There’s been so much research between the correlation of your workspace and mental health and what that might mean in our current situation. You need to be very mindful about how your space might be making you feel, so we are breaking it down for you so you understand exactly what makes up the perfect home office. 

  1. The first step when starting to plan your space is to measure your space. We promise this is essential for efficient shopping and will save you a headache later. Here is a link to our website that will show you exactly how to do so: 
  2. Studies are pretty conclusive regarding the power of natural light in raising levels of productivity, increased well being, and energy. If possible place yourself near a window or in a space that gets lots of sunlight! 
  3. Lighting, lighting, lighting! We just talked about natural light, but let’s talk artificial! We suggest you have both general and task lighting. By general lighting, we mean a ceiling light like a flush mount to light your entire space. Task lighting is great in the evening to provide focused light where needed. We suggest a cute desk lamp or a floor light placed next to your desk.
  4. Cluttered desk = cluttered brain! Take the time to clean your workspace every morning or every night to start fresh each day. Having a dresser, console or a desk with lots of storage is very useful to hide things such as binders, papers, pens that tend to make your desk look messy. If you don't have storage close by we recommend getting a desk organizer
  5. We are huge fans of bringing the outside in. Trees, plants, and fresh flowers are a great addition to your workspace! They give us a sense of calm and peace. Plus they are beautiful!
  6. Privacy! We understand that you may be sharing your home with friends or family members! If you’re working in a common area of your home consider getting room dividers for a little bit of privacy. These are great as they can easily be folded up and put away or used as a introduce texture, dimension, and color into a room.
  7. When you’re stuck in the same space day after day it’s SUPER important that you keep yourself feeling inspired. Add your favorite artwork, a mood board, or a vision board to visualize your goals and achievements, above your desk. We made our beautiful mood board by following this amazing DYI by Athena Calderone from @eyeswoon!
  8. Set the mood. Use candles and diffusers to keep your space smelling fresh and bring that sense of coziness to your workspace. 
  9. As much as having a beautiful space will help you get through the day, it’s equally important to stop and take breaks! Take a 15-30 minutes to break every few hours to move your body! You can practice yoga, meditate or get some fresh air. It’s easy to get caught up in your work, but taking a break will keep your mind and body feeling sharp. 
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