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May 08, 2018

Bar & Restaurant - West of Main Favourites

Typically, going out to a restaurant isn’t solely about good food and good service. Of course, this is important, but it’s also the ambiance, atmosphere, and overall social experience that keeps guests returning. Interior design plays a huge role in this experience by using elements such as lighting, colors, finishes, textures, and furniture that considerably influence your overall dining experience.

Restaurant and bar design allows designers to unleash their creativity and permits them more freedom to design things that they wouldn’t necessarily design in a home or a commercial setting. It’s their responsibility to create a design and represent a brand that will set the restaurant apart from the rest. An aesthetically pleasing environment pairs well with a delicious meal and good company!

 We recently worked on a project with the Ottawa Art Gallery, we designed Jackson Cafe & Restaurant. Our goal was to create a space that was as beautiful and harmonious as the space that surrounds it. 

Jackson - Ottawa, Ontario

Jackson OAG - West of Main

Jackson OAG - West of Main

Here are some of our favourite restaurant and bar designs from all over the world that we have drawn inspiration from:

Clerkenwell Grind - London, UK

Clerkenwell Grind - interior design - hospitality design

This restaurant is located in a 19th-century warehouse. The first floor contains the cocktail bar and dining area and the basement includes a separate bar for nightly events. 

We love the impact the brass logo has against the chevron patterned navy timber wall.

Clerkenwell Grind - Interior Design - Hospitality design

The marble and velvet accents pair beautifully together and the worn timber floors contrast with the luxurious aesthetics. The brass pulls it all together and helps create a warm, stylish, inviting, atmosphere.

Clerkenwell Grind - Hospitality Design - Interior Design

We can definitely picture our team sipping a cocktail (or two) at this bar.

Hand Cut - Scottsdale, US

Handcut - Restaurant design - Interior design

The design is detailed and oriented, busy in a good way! With its industrial qualities and vintage vibes, this would definitely be a cool place to hang out.

Handcut - Restaurant design - Interior design

Handcut - Restaurant design - Interior design

Lolita Cafe - Ljubljana, Slovenia

Lolita Cafe - Interior Design - Restaurant

Such an elegant, sophisticated, and feminine design. That graphic floral mural extended across the ceiling is stunning! This cafe has been nominated for Best International Interior in the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards.

I Love Paris - CDG Airport, Paris

I love Paris - interior design - hospitality design

This modern, chic restaurant screams French gastronomy! The ornate lighting surrounding this upscale champagne bar really creates a luxurious feel. If you’re ever waiting for a flight at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, this is the place to be.

Hotel Mera Brasserie - Sopot, Poland

Brasserie Hotel Mera - Restaurant Design

Brasserie Hotel Mera - Restaurant Design

Their design is simple and clean yet quite memorable. We love the way the bright open dining area flawlessly transitions into the more intimate, darker bar by simply tweaking the colour scheme a pinch. And oh how we love the murals, this one is so cool!

Amazonico Restaurant - Madrid, Spain

Amazonica - Interior design - restaurant design

Amazonica - Interior design - restaurant design

Who doesn’t love a tropical feel? This restaurant will make you feel like you’re in the heart of the Brazilian jungle with its exotic design. Can we also address the greenery?? Ah the greenery! It really makes the space come to life. The large floor to ceiling windows brighten up the interior during the day and the lighting sets the mood for a more romantic evening.

The Gorgeous Kitchen - London, UK

The gorgeous kitchen - restaurant design - hospitality design

This restaurant really does live up to its name! The blues and soft lighting evoke a feeling of tranquility throughout the restaurant. Such a delicate, elegant design. Leather seats, copper finishes, backlit mirrors, talk about vintage glamour!

The restaurant really does live up to its name! The blues and soft lighting evoke a feeling of tranquillity throughout the restaurant. Such a delicate, elegant design. Leather seats, copper finishes, backlit mirrors, talk about vintage glamour!

Bronte Restaurant - London, England

Bronte Restaurant

If you read our blog “Ferns & Flush”, you know just how much we love the combination of pink and green! A neutral background with carefully selected pieces of furniture help create that eclectic kind of vibe.

Bronte - Interior Design

Nomo Kitchen - New York, USA

Soho - Restaurant Design

Soho - Restaurant Design

The high skylight ceiling of Nomo Kitchen lets in so much natural light, you can never get enough vitamin D! The greenery paired with the natural tones throughout the room make this space feel organic and harmonious. The chandeliers and ornamented glass add that touch of glam that really increases the beauty of the space.

Iberica - Victoria, London, UK

Iberica - Interior Design - Restaurant

Iberica - Interior Design - Restaurant

Who doesn’t love a good shade of Green! Subtle spanish elements integrated into the design, oh so lovely! Authentic and modern, we certainly would grab a bite here.

Iberica - Interior Design - Restaurant


We hope you enjoyed these designs as much as we did. Let us know if you’re ever traveling and make it to any of these beautiful spaces. 

See you next time!



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