West of Main Travels: Interior Design New York

West of Main Travels: Interior Design New York

June 08, 2020

Interior Design New York Skyline

Hello, readers! Recently our principal designer Sascha had the opportunity to visit fellow interior designer Kirsten who is completing her co-op in New York City! New York is an incredibly vibrant and energetic place that really feels like the "place to be" when it comes to design. From restaurants that appear to be straight out of an interior design magazine to historic architecture, the city inspires us to create every time we visit.  Keep reading for our favorite experiences and interior design. 

Interior Design New York Coffee

We began the visit enjoying a coffee at Pause Cafe NYC. This Moroccan style cafe has the best Chai in town! Owner Amine Sadki moved to New York from Morocco at age 24 and has had amazing success in creating a warm and cozy neighborhood coffee shop frequented by creatives. 

Inglot Nail Polish

At West of Main we are known for our perfectly polished nails, even under the toughest of circumstances. We love Inglot Nail Polish because it is tough enough to keep our nails looking polished even when lugging around tile samples. We are always fully stocked in our office. (Of samples and the of the polish)

Interior Design New York We Work

We were able to visit Kirsten at We Work NYC. This office such an inspiring work-space both in concept and by design. 

Interior Design New York Wallpaper

 Beautiful wallpaper design at We Work. If you missed our graphic wallpaper blog you can revisit it here: Trend: Graphic Wallpaper Interior Design

Interior Design New York Central Park Boat House

Next in true Sex and the City fashion we visited the Central Park Boat House for paddle boating and brunch. (No one fell in.)

Interior Design New York Jonathan Adler

We did some design shopping and saw some beautiful Jonathan Adler pieces. This vacation print is printed on aluminum and protected by plexiglass. We can't wait to get some #Westofmaintravels photos done like this. 

"Your home should reflect who you are, so pick a palette that is close to your heart and run with it." - Jonathan Adler 

 Interior Design New York Hotel

Everywhere you look there is design. Can you believe this is a beer can wall? This photo was taken at the Dream Hotel NYC.

Interior Design New York Restaurant

A beautiful lighting concept. 

Interior Design New York Art

Kristen taking it all in.

Interior Design New York Chelsea Market

Lights at the Chelsea Market.

Women's lingerie shop in New York

We are always more than impressed by Free People's arts and crafts style of visual merchandising.

Interior Design New York Anthropologie

Interior Design New York Ottoman Empire

We visited the Met and loved the Art of the Ottomans exhibit. 

Interior Design New York Reading Book Garden are for Living

Lastly, a book to add to your interior design reading list... Gardens are for Living.

As always thank you for reading. We will catch up with you again soon!


Team West of Main 


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