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Words I’ve been destined to say.

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Hi, I’m Sascha, West of Main’s co-founder, and I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing our new website with you.

Based in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, but serving clients worldwide, West of Main Design specializes in custom interior design projects including high-end kitchen and living room designs, bathrooms, new builds, renovations and more.

I hope you can take a few minutes to browse our services and get acquainted with the ways in which we can help turn your vision for a space into a reality. Whether you’re just looking for a guiding hand, or someone to completely take over the project, we’re passionate about finding the solution to any design challenge.

natural and chic kitchen with chandeliers

 | Project Kanata is a perfect example of what it means to fuse natural elements with a little bit of sparkle |

I like to describe West of Main’s style as, “A fusion of natural and chic, with bold statement pieces that are balanced by calming elements”. Of course, every project is different and every client has the ability to completely shape the process. I believe that when it comes to personal style, it’s something that is built somewhere deep in your heart. It’s a compilation of your tastes, pieces that have sentimental meaning and elements that make you feel comfortable, relaxed and proud.

Your home is meant to be both a sanctuary and a playground, and my hope is that West of Main can lend a hand in building the perfect space to suit your life.

My own style is heavily influenced by my love of travel, history and architecture. My husband, West of Main’s Co Founder Justin and I are on a mission to see the world and have spent the last few years adventuring between his homeland of New Zealand, back to Canada, and everywhere in between. Bali, Indonesia is a special place we hold dear, and a lot of my designs are heavily influenced by Balinese culture. Snapshots of my travels will inspire colour palettes and transform into mood boards.

Sand Dunes and beach in Bali, Indonesia

 |Take my hand, show me the world. |

Stay tuned. In the coming months, West of Main will launch an online boutique which will be a carefully curated market of goods from around the world.

In addition to the wonder of wandering, I’m also influenced by the everyday. Through travel comes an appreciation for the comfort of home, and that feeling of familiarity is something I like to incorporate into all of my designs.

Hands drawing on paper with scissors and a cup of coffee

 | Always creating, dreaming up designs for the West of Main online shop. |

As West of Main starts this exciting new chapter, I am forever grateful to those who have supported my dream. Just like a beautifully eclectic space, my family, friends, mentors and colleagues have all played a part in the finished product.

Special thanks goes to the incredibly talented Christian Mackie who captures our designs with his wonderful photography.

Going forward, we’ll use this blog to showcase our projects, share ideas and tell stories about what inspires us.

So, please, stay a while. Browse the site. Get to know us. And let West of Main be your destination for inspiration.

Sascha sitting in a living room

  I’m Sascha. Thanks for visiting