Trend: Pattern Tiles, Design Ideas

Trend: Pattern Tiles, Design Ideas

June 08, 2020

Trend: Pattern Tiles, Design Ideas 

West of Main pattern tile samples

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We recently posted on social media about our love of patterned tiles. It seems like everywhere we look we see these amazing mosaics of mismatched yet perfectly coordinated tiles. Today we are here to show you some of our favorites and show you where to use them. We will also give a shout out to our amazing tile suppliers that we consult to help you achieve this eclectic travel-inspired look in your space. From room design to home decor we have you covered. 

Kitchen shelves with plates and dishes         Close up on kitchen tiles and faucet

Source: Emily Henderson Interior Design     Source: Made a Mano

1. Beautiful Backsplash

We love the idea of a kitchen that showcases your personality. The kitchen is much more than a space to prepare food. Often it is the heart of the home and serves as a throughway, conversation area and for many, the main entertaining space! For these reasons, we think you can absolutely take risks and showcase your uniqueness in this area. A patterned tile backsplash is an excellent way to accomplish this.

Beautiful bar area with tiles and stools

Source: Blackband Design

2. Small Wall Saver

Using a patterned tile on a small “wall” like in this beautiful bar area is an excellent way to add texture and pattern to a space that might otherwise be a bit sterile. Since the tile is only visible from certain angles it serves as a beautiful “surprise” to the eye.

Bathroom floor tiles and bath tub

Source: Auhaus Architecture & Interiors

3. Fabulous Floor

As you can see in this bathroom design, the tiles are installed to create a monochromatic pattern. The balance of the muted walls and wood cabinetry really allow the pattern to shine. Since these trendy tiles are often pricey, a small space like a bathroom is the perfect place to implement this design.

Bathroom view with tiles

Source: Ardesia Design

4. Neat Niche

For those who adore this trend but are worried about taking the plunge, the niche is the way to go. We believe that a beautiful shower design should consider your needs. We all require a place to put our products. The niche adds storage and with the application of a patterned tile it can also create another visual accent in your bathroom.

Tiles being installed on stairway

Source: Becki Owens Interior Design

5. Rare Stair Risers.

The stairs are a great place to make a statement. Stairs are a transition to a new area of the space and shouldn't be neglected for their design opportunities. What better way to add intrigue and personality than a statement tile like this monochromatic option?

Close up on floor tiles

Source: West of Main Interior Design

6. Commercial Spaces Statement Floors

On a recent trip to New York our principal designer Sascha found the cafe work space that dreams are made of! Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger combined these beautiful Moroccan inspired tiles with a Parisian aesthetic to create the perfect place to drum up some creativity while sipping coffee.

We hope this blog post was enlightening and inspiring. Remember, if you are looking to implement this look into your space we are available to help. We work with some great tile suppliers locally such as Euro Tile & Stone and Cera Gres

As always, If you would like to book a design consultation you can fill out our Interior Design Consultation Form and we will be in touch. For more design inspiration you can visit our Interior Design Portfolio.

Until next time!

Team West of Main

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