Trend: Graphic Wallpaper Interior Design

Trend: Graphic Wallpaper Interior Design

June 08, 2020

TREND: Graphic Wallpaper Interior Design

Green and blue graphic wallpaper

At West of Main we have a huge appreciation for the art of graphic design. Great graphic design makes its way into every document we create for our clients, our website, our newsletters and our design projects themselves. Graphic wallpaper is a trend that we have been spotting everywhere lately. From small bedroom ideas to restaurant feature walls these beautiful and rich patterned wall coverings are a great way to make a bold statement and incorporate art over the entire wall. Keep reading for some of our favorite examples.


Graphic wallpaper, tropical print in a restaurant

Leo's Oyster Bar: San Francisco

Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco uses this tropical print throughout their dining space to give it a Polynesian appeal. We love how every element in the space including their branding and logo hints back to their signature graphic print.

Graphic wallpaper in a restaurant

Hello Yellow: Almonte, Ontario

We recently visited Hello Yellow in Almonte, Ontario. This is a retail store that understands what a great print can achieve in interior design.


Graphic wallpaper in a bathroom in NYC

We Work NYC

Recently we visited We Work in NYC to catch up with a friend of West of Main. This bathroom design is a perfect example of how a graphic wallpaper can add intrigue to an otherwise strictly functional space. 

Grey waves graphic wallpaper

This idea also works well both in residential design. Graphic prints are dynamic and carry a lot of visual weight. For this reason in a residential setting a small room is the perfect place to carry out this trend. We recommend placing a wallpaper like this in the guest bathroom or powder room. Your guests will love this surprising element.

Blue leaves print, graphic wallpaper

Design Sponge


graphic wallpaper, tropical print

Wall Flora

large graphic wallpaper in a living room

Design Sponge

If you are planning to take a risk and place a graphic wallpaper in a larger area such as a living room or entrance, we recommend a soft color palette or a small scale print. These examples show the impact you can make in a larger space when implementing this trend. For a perfect pairing, you can accompany the graphic wallpaper with neutral furnishings that are texture rich.


Geometrical print, Graphic wallpaper in a bedroom

Kelly Wearstler

Using a graphic wallpaper can add depth and dimension to a bedroom even if it is small, as can be seen in this example from Kelly Wearstler.

As always, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention our wonderful suppliers who we consult when we are sourcing wallpaper: European Glass and Paint, Farrow & Ball, Hygge & West.

We hope you enjoyed this post and leave us feeling inspired! If you can’t get enough on prints and patterns you can check out our last blog post on patterned tiles. To see our take on graphic wallpaper design check out our Preston Heritage Home Project.


Team West of Main

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