Patio Design: Taking Your Interior Outdoors

Patio Season Interior Design

Who ever said interior design had to remain indoors? We are so excited the sun is finally out and summer entertaining season is officially open! We want to take our home decor ideas outside and help you create a luxurious and inviting outdoor space to share with friends and family. Whether you have a large backyard, a back deck, or simply a balcony, there is always a solution to creating an enjoyable patio space that will make it feel like an extension of your home design.

It’s time to call over all your friends and entertain the heck out of them with your sweet patio setup! Here are some tips and inspiration that will help you get the ball rolling on your design project.

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First things first, if you’re going to be purchasing outdoor furniture, we think it’s better to invest in quality considering weather (especially in Canada) can be pretty unpredictable. It's important to consider spaces to store your furniture during the off-season to prevent the wear and tear of your outdoor furniture.

Patio Furniture - Interior Design

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Comfort and function should be prioritized considering this is a space where you want to be spending lots of time, so it’s important to be comfortable and also be able to make the most out of your space. Now's the perfect time to take your living room decor outside. 

Patio Design - Furniture

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Patio Design Garden Interior Design

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Who doesn’t enjoy a little extra glow whether it be the highlighter on your cheeks or the string lights on your patio! Adding lighting to your patio creates such a beautiful cozy ambiance as the natural light fades into the night. We personally love string lights. They create such a magical and picturesque setting. For all you Costco members, they have beautiful and durable string lights available at Costco.

Patio Interior Design - String Lights

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These lights are so versatile, you can hang them around a gazebo, across a patio, along the edge of a balcony, under an umbrella or even in a tree.


Patio Swing Interior Design

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Look at these daybeds, we are in awe! What better way to escape into your own little oasis?

Day Bed Interior Design - Patio Furniture 

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Outdoor Day Bed - Interior Design Patio

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Day Bed Patio Furniture Interior Design

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Interior Design Day Bed Patio Furniture

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Swing - Interior Design - Porch

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Accent pillows, area rugs, and plants are a great way to bring in some color to your patio.

Patio Interior Design Furniture

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Interior Design Patio Furniture

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Area rugs are great for separating spaces on your patio. It also gives off the impression that your space is larger than it actually is. It's also fun to experiment with intricate patterns and colours! 

Patio Design Dining Set 

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Interior Design - Greenery - Patio

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We are all about throw pillows. Don't play it safe by limiting yourself to a few colours, experiment, we dare you! When choosing pillows, it's important to select the right size according to your furniture size. Try mix and matching pillows. There are so many different patterns, textures, fabrics to choose from, once you get started you'll realize it's not so difficult. 

Interior Design Pillows Patio Furniture

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 It’s certainly important to stay hydrated on a hot day, here is a great drink recipe to enjoy on your patio that will undoubtedly please not only your guests but also your taste buds!

Watermelon patio drinks summer

 Thanks to The Girl on Bloor for the delicious treat!