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At West of Main, we take pride in our interior design knowledge and expertise. We like to educate ourselves about what’s new and trending. Last Tuesday afternoon we were fortunate enough to participate in Euro Tile & Stone’s Large Format Thin Slab training. We think this tile would be a beautiful addition to your home design whether it be in your living room, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom or foyer.

Tile design - thin tile - Florim - EuroTile & Stone = SamplesTile design - magazine - Florim

As an interior designer, it is essential to understand installation and construction procedures in order to be able to communicate effectively with both your clients and also your contractors. This ensures the smoothness and flow of your project and helps avoid any potential design disasters.

Large format tiles are definitely a product we can get on board with! This is a growing trend in Canada and has recently been very high in demand. Florim is a highly innovative tiling company who began based out of Italy and now have expanded their flagship stores to Milan, Russia, and New York. The growing company was able to grace us with their presence and teach us all about their beautiful large format thin tiles. With Florim, the design possibilities are endless considering they have a vast range of styles to choose from (over 5000 selections!) and also have custom sizing to fit all of your project ideals.

Tile Sizes - Custom - Florim

There are so many advantages to using this product, we must tell you them all! Large format tile is not only stunningly beautiful, it also dramatically increases the visual impact of a space and is great for making a room appear larger. With its dynamic look and sleek design, you can be sure to attain that contemporary feel you envision. You may be thinking that this tile will be quite expensive but it’s actually a cheaper alternative considering how thin it is compared to a regular sized slab. It requires no ongoing maintenance and is quite easy to clean. And last but not least, fewer grout lines, ensuring a flawless, clean and uninterrupted finish. 

Once everything was explained, we got to go behind the scenes and were taught how to properly cut porcelain without damaging it. Nicole got to try it first-hand and was quite excited about it (they almost hired her)!

Tile design - behind the scenes - Euro Tile & Stone - Florim

Tile cutting - thin tile - Florim - Eurotile

Tile cutting - design - Euro Tile & Stone - Florim

There are 3 key steps to remember when installing large format tile:

1) Do the necessary prep work – ensure your surface is completely flat.

2) Spread the adhesive evenly (following the same direction).

3) Expel all the air by using spacers.

Here are some examples on how you can use large format tile in your project:

Bathroom Tile Design


Bathroom tile design

Living Room Tile Design

living room design tile

tile living room design

 Lobby tile design

Lobby Tile Design

Lobby Tile Design

Look at how big and gorgeous these tiles are!

tile design - large format

We especially admire this look around a fireplace. We saw this design in the Ottawa 2017 Cheo Home and fell in love!

large tile - ottawa cheo - fireplace

We have also used this tile in one of our previous projects, the Urbandale Construction Experience Centre



We hope you are just as excited about this tile as we are! Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time! For more information, you can visit or

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